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Made In Italy

Curated furnishings, materials and accessories from Italian designers and craftsmen. We promote the preservation of authentic design that is Made in Italy. By doing so, traditions and techniques remain alive, small to mid size businesses flourish, and cherished innovation comes to you!

The Collections

We love everything that inspires Italian design! The colors, the terraced rooftops, the textures, the wonderful sound of vespas, the food! These all inspire fabulous collections of wallpapers, furnishings, textiles, and accessories from notable designers and talented artisans.

Italians excel at capturing the myriad flurry of daily life in art and design, and we appreciate the boldness and authenticity. Our curated collections reflect Italian creativity and expertise from particular regions.


Milan, Italy | San Antonio, TX
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About US

We cannot remember exactly how our paths crossed in 2008, but it was most certainly over scrumptious apperitivi, fabulous visuals and great conversation while working the Salone tradeshow in Milan.

Federico Fossati (the Milanese) is a master logistician with a UK affinity, while Violeta Archer (the Texan) is an interior designer with a saddle deep appreciation for Italy, Italian craftsmanship and its coveted lifestyle. This charming scene of Ponte Pietra (a famous bridge in Verona) was her hometown for several years.

The detail, creativity and ambiance found in each designed and handcrafted piece all point to Italy’s heritage and innovation. It is all about preserving time-honored techniques that respect tradition, support households, and a way of living that is luxurious, simple and much needed today.

As stewards of Italian craft and design, we are grateful for the opportunity to represent small to mid-sized businesses (and families) and help preserve the authenticity that is ‘Made In Italy’, while serving our clients' projects. It's a win-win all around!

Violeta Archer
co-founder | interior designer | LEED GA

Federico Fossati
co-founder | logistics & business development

To The Trade

Follow us on Instagram for inspiration. Visit us online to get acquainted with the collections. Then, call or write us for a quote. We curate selections per your specifications for residential, commercial and contract applications. Custom requests are welcome, and we manage the logistics, of course!

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